Resources on Triplets in Singapore

Pregnant with triplets?

First breathe.

Second google.

When I was pregnant with triplets, I immediately turned to the Internet for information. Below are all the useful websites that saw me through my pregnancy.  They are not just related to triplets, but also to other aspects of multiples pregnancies.  I will continue adding to them as I discover them in my journey parenting triplets and a toddler.

My own FAQs on Triplets Part 1 and Part 2

The Adventure of Winnie’s Triplets

Winnie’s blog has a lot of detailed information on how to choose hospitals when you are pregnant with triplets and a really good explanation on TTTS.

Live Life, Laugh Lots, Love Always
Another Singaporean triplet mom’s journey in being pregnant and having triplet babies.

TTTS Foundation
Everything you need to know about Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome and how to prevent it or minimise its effects through horizontal rest and diet.

MoDi Twins TTTS TAPS Facebook Support Group

There is very little community or support if your multiples have TTTS.  This is a small and excellent evidence-based support group for those who wish to understand TTTS in better detail.

NUH Same Day Amnio Results
If you need to do an amnio and wanted results on the same day, this brochure has all the details.

Facebook Support Groups for Parents of Multiples
SG Parents of Twins and Triplets

Dr. Barbara Luke
Of When You are Expecting Twins, Triplets or More fame, has her own website where there is a lot of useful information on how to have a healthy multiple pregnancy and beyond.

Julie Gillespie
So once you have your triplets, and you need parenting advice, its worth checking out  Julie Gillespie’s videos.  Or you can get her book Magical Multiple Moments: Parents of Multiples Share Stories and Advice on Raising Happy, Healthy Twins, Triplets, Quads and More! 

The Twin Coach
If you are interested in respectful/mindful/conscious parenting and wish to know how you can do it for multiples, check out Gina Osher’s blog.

Breastfeeding Triplets
(Even though I only nursed my triplets for three months, I am a strong advocate for breastfeeding and if breastfeeding is something you would like to do for your triplets and you need some idea how to, check out these links below)
The Milk Meg
LLLI Breastfeeding Triplets

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