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I’m a full-time Singaporean stay at home mother to four daughters. In 2012, I returned home from the States after completing a Masters degree, got married to the love of my life of 7 years, and we immediately found ourselves pregnant. Our first-born daughter Livia was born on Oct 2012.  One and half years later, we got pregnant again and were told we were having GGG triplets. Imagine our reactions! We naturally conceived triplets! After what seemed like a long, painful and epic pregnancy of 36 weeks+3 days, our triplet girls, Lysbeth, Lucia and Liora, were born on Sep 2014.  And just like that we became a large family of six!   Lysbeth and Lucia are identical twins and Liora is a fraternal twin. We all live in a cosy 3-room HDB flat in Singapore and my husband and I raise our children all on our own.



When I mean “all on our own”, I truly mean we are raising our four little girls single-handedly and independently. We never had maids, confinement nannies, babysitters, in-laws — not even part-time helpers or cleaners. The major angle of this blog has been how we have done it all by ourselves (and maintained our sanity).  Certainly it has not been without tears and sweat (which I have chronicled in great detail), but we have learnt to creatively adapt to every challenge that came our way. We hope to inspire other parents who are thinking of having big families that yes, you can raise four kids in the world’s most expensive city and still manage.

When I am not busy running my daycare center (with four kids I practically run a daycare), I also dabble in sewing, arts and crafts, photography and writing think pieces on parenting. So if you would like to get in touch with me to contribute an article or two about parenting multiples, arts and crafts or suggest others ways we can work together, please write to me at craftyacademic@gmail.com, or let’s connect on Instagram and Pinterest.

If you want to know life with triplets without reading through all my blog posts these are some quick snippets:

Pregnant with Triplets: The One with the Triplets, FAQs Part 1, and A Labor of Love

Four kids under 2: FAQs Part 2 and An insight into my day with a toddler and triplet babies.

Four kids in a 3 room BTO: Interview by Square Rooms.

Life with 4 toddlers: Interview with Singapore’s Child parts 1, 2 and 3

Learning and creating with children: Montessori taobao findsArt supplies and resources, Taobao finds for homelearning supplies and Maintaining tidy play spaces.

Homeschooling curriculums we use: Resources for struggling readers and writers, Explode the Code curriculum reviewLOE-Getting started, Foundations A review and Foundations B review.  Reviews on other curriculums are forthcoming.


The Crafty Academic

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