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Taobao/EZ-Buy finds: Home-learning supplies

So here are my top picks of education-related supplies from Taobao and EZ-Buy to make your home-learning journey a more smoother one.  My kids are still in preschool so a lot of these are targeted at preschoolers.


Sometimes you don’t want to print out flashcards or they are not available, you can easily make them yourself with these blank flashcards of varying sizes: Link here.

Blank flashcards for Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin: Link here.

Binder rings for flashcards: Link here.

Alphabet flashcards: Link here.

Flashcard holder/organiser: Link here.

See this shop for pocket charts of all shapes and sizes: Link here.

When you want to display your children’s masterpieces without going through the trouble of framing them.  Check out these magnetic protective displays: Link here.

An interesting mechanical pencil: Link here.

Grooved pencils for righties and lefties: Link here.

Portable accordion folder for carrying learning materials: Link here.

A4 accordion stand for organising loose papers neatly: Link here.

Magnetic writing sheet: Link herehere or here.

Loose paper for writing practice: Link here or here.

Write and draw notebooks: Link here.

Wooden Chinese characters: Link here.

Magnetic hanyu pinyin teaching aid: Link here.

Water-based Chinese calligraphy scrolls: Link here.

Insect/Butterfly kit: Link here.

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