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Colouring pages: Killer trees in Singapore

Hi, I made a botanical drawing of the cerbera odollam.  More famously known as the pong-pong tree or suicide tree.  You can find it everywhere in Singapore.  My eldest daughter, Livia took inspiration from it from our recent trip to Fort Canning Green and I plan to use it to teach her about different parts of the plant and familiarise here with local trees.

Postscript: I will continue adding this page with new colouring pages on poisonous plants in Singapore. Scroll below for the downloads.

Scan 4 (1).jpg

Cerbera odollam (also known as suicide tree, pong-pong, and othalanga)

Download colouring page for Cerbera Odollam here. Reference for how accuracy in colouring here.

Scan 4.jpg

Barrington Asiatica (also known as Fish-killer Tree, Putat Gajah, Mindilla, Beach Barringtonia, Poison Fish Tree, Sea Putat, Barringtonia, Butun, Butong, Pertun, Putat Laut)

Download colouring page for the Barrington Asiatic here.  Reference for how accuracy in colouring here.

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