Life of 6

Before June ends

I thought I should have at least one post for June before June is up. Heh. We’ve been busy. Between nursing illnesses and outdoor play, I don’t have time for much else! Its been a really, really good month of playing outdoors. I can’t remember where we went but thankfully, Instagram recorded most of it. Something shifted in the girls when they turned 20 months – they are less reserved, more outgoing and they no longer fuss when they are tired for a nap! Most importantly they stopped clinging to me!!!  And they are slowly but surely recovering from stranger anxiety so they don’t freak out as badly when we meet people. We have also stopped babywearing and strollering them anywhere because they are very capable of walking long stretches. So its been really fun going out and they really look forward to it as well. Whoopee to growing up!

Thumbelina’s Closet will be postponed indefinitely. I can’t cope at the moment and nobody understands this unless they sew, but making clothes from scratch is extremely laborious. I do it for my girls because well, I love them to irrational extents.  But to do it for others, I find it hard to put in the same amount of dedication.  I will make an announcement when I’m ready to take orders. But I wouldn’t hold my breathe for it.  If you really, really want a piece done by me, I’ll be happy to take your request if you are not fussy about when it gets done.

I don’t know about you but life is happening and I find very little desire to spend time online chatting about it! Follow us on Instagram if you wish to keep track of our developments and loads of pictures of our outdoor and indoor adventures.

See you in July, hopefully with a more interesting post than this one.

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