Pompom filled tulle skirt

Ah tulle, the material of every girls’ bridal fantasies but the nightmare of every sewist! Really, it was a nightmare. Tulle is so see-through, airy and light that sometimes it looks invisible. I needed to use my sense of touch just to be able to see where the corners and edges were when I was working with tulle fabric.

So I have been seeing a bunch of photos of little girls wearing tutus filled with flower petals. I was intrigued! Looked so pretty.  I thought that a similar skirt will be a fabulous gift for a friend with a pair of twin girls. But flower petals were a bit much for me – its too girly and too sweet.  I mean its already a tutu – plus flower petals. Its just overkill.  I happened to find this Dutch tutorial on how to make a pompom filled tulle skirt instead.

If you don’t know yet: I read Dutch (badly).  So I scanned the tutorial and figured out on my own how to make it. What I didn’t like about this Dutch tutorial was the skirt was really see-through.  I mean in colder climates, its normal or even cool for people to wear several layers.  Little girls wear leggings and skirts.  But in our tropical climate, its insane.  I wanted a lined pompom tutu and I googled everywhere but to no avail.  Most of the tutorials were of transparent pompom tutus.

So I thought, well its a gathered skirt, how hard can it be to figure this out on my own. So I took some yellow fabric as the lining and followed the tutorial vaguely in sewing the tutu though mine is less tutu-ish and joined the lining and tutu together and voila!

Most tutorials recommend using soft tulle but I used hard bridal tulle for more of a poof effect.I realised the skirt is not as gathered as I would have liked it. I also added a hidden elastic band as well.  Very happy with the outcome! I did run into slight problems when I realised that it was really, really hard to unpick thread from tulle fabric.  There was high risk of ripping the tulle, which happened a number of times.

Livia was so thrilled that she could not wait to wear the skirt, and wear she did the whole day.  The triplets did not enjoy it that much, I think it was too scratchy for them.  Then I made a second piece the following day for my friends’ pair of twins.


It photographs yellow but the skirt is actually more of a golden hue


Some tips when working with tulle:

  • Use a rotary cutter to cut the fabric – its really impossible with a scissors the lines were not as even.
  • Helps to place the tulle against a darker background so you can see it while pattern-making.
  • Melly sews has more specific advice on working effectively with tulle.

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