Life of 6

The fruitlessness of my labor

Over a period of 3 hours, my Sony Nex 6 camera and my Mac Air laptop were destroyed by each of my identical twins.  My camera is no longer covered by warranty and incidental damage on my laptop is also not covered by warranty. A few months ago, they also destroyed my iPhone whereby the screen cracked into a million pieces.  I never got that fixed either because it was also not covered by warranty.  My instinct was to destroy the person(s) who caused damage to my prized and most used possessions.  Instead I did the next childish thing – I screamed. Out loud.  Just out of frustration over my carelessness, the quickness of how the events succeeded one another, and how I will have to rebuild my tech and recover all my lost data.  My husband ushered the kids out of the room so that I can cool down and grief.  I felt a lot better after a few minutes.  I’m pretty good these days at detaching myself from my possessions. I decided tomorrow I’ll get my camera checked and see if its possible to repair it affordably and I’ll survive without my laptop for awhile. I can borrow my husband’s computer and use an iPad in the meantime.

Two years ago the same thing happened to my old phone and laptop, thanks to a 1 year old curious toddler called Livia.  Today her sisters are of the same age, and have the same curiosity and inability to control the need to touch everything around them.  The difference between having one toddler and three at the same time is that the three of them actually cooperate to help each other further their cause. Given the inordinate amount of time I spend on my phone, laptop and camera, they naturally want to get hold of these forbidden fruits. They want to know what’s so special about these things: What can you do with them? What’s inside them? I bet they spend a lot of time observing and memorising where I carelessly place these items when I’m unaware.  Livia is 3 now and these things do not mystify her as much as it used to. So I am quite comfortable leaving my things with her, without having her go through them.  Even if she does, I know she would be careful.  The triplets, on the other hand, have not reached that capability so its impossible to relax as a parent.  You cannot let your guard down even for a minute! And today I paid the price for letting my guard down for a nanosecond.

I think my camera can still be salvaged but my laptop is officially a goner and I got used to using an iPhone with a cracked screen.  We decided to get a desktop computer from now on because fragile laptops cannot survive a multiples’ household.

I hope your Labour day was more fruitful than mine.  I feel like I should be rewarded for not unleashing my fury onto my children. I must have grown up a lot as a parent because the old me would certainly have wanted to look for a cane-like material to smack their butts. That was how I was raised at least and it would have been instinctive to do the same. But today I merely screamed aaaaaaaahhhhhh.  I guess I could improve upon the screaming, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Feeling – meh.

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