Everything Else

I’m Back.

I am a little shocked too that I am back on craftyacademic.com.

Sometime around Jan’16 I was convinced I was done with blogging.  I felt what else is there to be said already? You could see my posts were no longer appearing regularly.  It was like one or two posts a month and it felt forced.  The thing about me is, I don’t enjoy creating content just to keep a blog going.  I understand full-time professional bloggers have the unenviable job of constantly sourcing for content to keep their readers interested. Me, however, I really did this to help other parents of multiples and a little to unburden myself verbally. I didn’t care if my readership was 5, 10 or 20 people.  Its actually a steady 30 readers everyday (hello, whoever you are!) and primarily readers from Singapore.  I am not sure if they are the same readers or they are different everyday.  I don’t know how or bother to analyse my blog’s statistical data.

A few things though happened between Mar and now and I thought to myself, oh I wish I could blog about this.  And we are getting our homeschooling going soon starting June, still very uncertain about doing this, and I would like to share it with whomever is interested to read.  The academic in me enjoys the journaling and sharing my writing process, the crafty in me gets excited to talk about the latest project I want to do and the mother in me is dying to tell you what happened yesterday when Lysbeth’s hands ballooned to twice its size (she’s okay, don’t worry) … but the real person – the one sitting here at 1.35 a.m is exhausted.  So guys, sometimes I will blog and sometimes I will not and it may be long stretches of time where I’ve disappeared, and please know that when I’m not publishing here, its because there is a real person behind the computer screen who only has 24 hours a day and at least 6 hours has to be given to sleep and another 3 hours to her dissertation, and almost every other hour to her kids.  And did I mention we are moving homes.  The horror, just the horror..

I will not be creating a separate blog for homeschooling.  Honestly, I can’t be arsed. Plus I really love the domain name craftyacademic.com and the ‘free’ theme that I deployed for this site.  I am also somewhat lazy to go beyond writing, which also explains why my blogging has a dearth of photographs.  I mean if pictures is all you want to see that’s what my Instagram is for (I would love you to follow me, I love my Instagram family).   So I created a new category in the blog called ‘Our Preschool Studio’ and all our homeschooling stuff will go in there, if that’s the kind of thing you want to read.  My first post on homeschooling which will be up soon because I am still figuring out how to approach it delicately.  The post will ironically actually be a negative take on homeschooling.  Now that I have started the process and committed to homeschooling my daughters till Primary 1, I am finding the process expensive, tiresome, and isolating.  I have tried to find a homeschooling community to fit into and the process has not been successful so I am going to just wing it till my girls are 7.  Its not all that bad, obviously, but the principle of homeschooling I am finding I am increasingly at odds with.  More on that next time.

But if you are curious what’s it like living with triplets, or four toddlers, or just having a big family, it will be categorised under ‘Life of Six’.  I am also resetting my Sewing project and I only really sew if there is an occasion to.   All my older posts on being pregnant with triplets, raising triplet newborns etc., are all under ‘2014 to Mar 2016’.  I kind of cringe when I read those old posts for some reason.  Its a bit like how you cringe when you listen to your voice, I have the same reaction to my previous writing.  That is why I have never kept a single academic essay I have written.

Here’s to a reseted beginning!

– C.A –

p.s:  I think I am a little crazy but I might start trying to do parenting and early childhood literature book reviews in here as well.

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