2014 to Mar 2016

Sewing project: Bubble dresses

I must be getting better at sewing because the latest project was the cleanest pieces of sewing I’ve done since I started to learn to sew just a few months ago.  There were no mistakes and everything was hemmed and locked into place cleanly.  Its possible that I’ve gotten a lot of practice from the previous dresses I have done.  There was nothing new in this particular project, except creating the poofed up look of the bubble skirt which turned out to be not very difficult thing to do.

I decided to try some color-blocking and for some reason, the entire line turned out to look really 80s throwback.

The girls were really excited to try the dress on.  It was a little big on them still but they did not waste them to twirl around and catwalk all around the house.  I decided to pick up a book on pattern-making and sewing to measurements so that I can customise the patterns I get online to fit better to their bodies.

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I’m still trying to figure out how to make them qipao-inspired looks without actually sewing an actual qipao (so that they can wear the dress beyond Chinese New Year). I’m also going to work on a tiered tank top.  I’ve been thinking a lot about doing more ready-to-wear clothing and that will be my thing to work on for 2016.

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