2014 to Mar 2016

Sewing project: Stretched knit dress, sailor dress and bucket hats

I’m losing track of my sewing projects because I haven’t updated them as I went along.  Well since the shorts, I’ve since attempted a knit dress, a sailor-inspired dress and bucket hats.   12274275_910316032382911_4596905837114321017_n12241330_914265951987919_7419170618339163915_nIMG_2328The knit dress in the first picture and the sailor-inspired dress were failures. I did not do proper research on sewing stretched knits so I would say a couple of washes in the washing machine and the dress will fall apart.  As for the sailor-inspired dress, I really love the ombre chevron print but I made *SO* many mistakes with this one that I had to take the dress apart and restart.  I ran out of piping for the circular neckline and waiting for new one to arrive before attempting again.

The bucket hats though were a huge success and really easy and fun to make.  I got the tutorial from the Oliver+S website and it took a while to figure out as usual.  I did not like their method of how to create the reversible look so I consulted YouTube for an alternative method and after trying out the alternative method, the hats were a lot cleaner in look. Lots of people messaged me about the hats after I posted photos on Facebook. I plan to make a striped bucket hat series next.

Chinese New Year is coming soon in two months and I am nowhere close to starting making their qipao-inspired dresses.  I’m not making a qipao because I find them stiff and hot, rather I am making a dress with qipao influences.  We don’t celebrate any holiday except Chinese New Year so its kind of a big deal.  I should get started on that soon since I have to make four dresses but I can’t decide which prints to use.

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