2014 to Mar 2016

A year without babies

My husband and I haven’t had a break from babies since we got married. We hitched in 2012, got pregnant immediately and Livia came into our lives 9 months later. In 2013, Livia was still a baby and just as she reached toddlerhood we felt ready for a second child and once again, got pregnant immediately in Jan 2014 and with triplets no less!  So we spent a good part of 2014 being painfully pregnant with triplets, and then raising them through 2015. Now they have finally outgrown babyhood and are walking, talking toddlers and for the first time in our married lives, we are going into the new year without pregnancy and babies.  You have no idea how excited we are!!

We are also expecting the keys to our new home sometime mid-2016.  The funny thing is when we applied for this BTO, we were only engaged and obviously child-free.  We thought by the time we moved to our new flat, we would have at least 1-2 kids.  Its all so hilarious now, of course that we went from a family of two to six in just four years.  So I am really looking forward to that, even though I am crazily stressed over moving.

We are also starting a playgroup with other twin mummies, and I am hoping to register Livia for kindergarten.  She starts in 2017, but you usually register a year ahead of time.  So we hope she gets a place at a kindy near home and if she doesn’t, then we’ll just continue homeschooling till primary school.

And I hope to make further progress in my dissertation and get one year closer to graduating.  *I HOPE*

Honestly, 2014 and 2015 was really miserable and tough.  I love my kids but it was hard adjusting from a family of three to six so quickly.  I don’t remember a more difficult time in my life.  So while everyone else feels sad over time passing and all that, I am just absolutely thrilled to welcome a new year, a new fresh start, and hope for more normalcy to return to our family life as we outgrow baby milk bottles, diapers and toddler tantrums.

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