2014 to Mar 2016

SPOTT Picnic

Its difficult to organise playdates with our fellow twin friends because we have sooooo many kids.  Finding a venue is tough, finding a time when everyone can make it is tough, and when we get to the event, we actually have very little time to mingle because we are watching over our kids.  After two months’ of planning, we finally got together at the Botanical Gardens. The event was on the verge of being canceled because of haze and possibility of rain.  Somehow the stars aligned and the weather was in our favour.

I knew from the outset that the girls were going to be tired fast because our trip to Botanical Gardens was long one, it was humid, and there was lots to explore.  So I immediately took photographs when we got there.  Botanical Gardens just lends itself beautifully to photography.

12183704_904978022916712_1897114443650910770_o 11251210_905000036247844_2359656609202293758_o 12184059_905000222914492_7732331571643830143_o 12182565_905000326247815_3726968219944433605_o 12185067_905000616247786_5639521594229916730_o

The last pic is especially funny.  They look like they are modelling the dresses that I made for them.

Everyone brought some food but we were so busy caring for our bubs that most of us didn’t have time to taste the food. I contributed some quiches and cinnamon rolls and while the quiches were finished, the cinnamon rolls were mostly left uneaten. I think because I made them too large and Singaporeans aren’t huge dessert fans.  Well more cinnamon rolls for us at home! I was craving cinnamon rolls for a long time.

It was really nice to see everyone again and meet the parents whom I have yet to see in real life.  As usual we didn’t chat as much as we liked, but you know its just nice to hang out together.  We attracted lots of stares as usual.  I think my triplets drew in the stares and then others quickly realised the other babies were also twins.

As I predicted, all the babies started yawning and fussing about 1.5 hours into the event and dark clouds were gathering in the sky.  It was time to go!  We quickly packed, folded our picnic blankets and parted ways.  Our family was traveling by public transport and we were planning to take the Tanglin exit which was a bit further away, but it started pouring, so we went to the nearest exit at the Botanical Gardens MRT.  We ended up in Holland Village, at a cafe, just to enjoy the air-con.

It was fun, I can’t wait for our next event on 2nd Jan.

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