2014 to Mar 2016

Sewing Project: Hummingbird Romper

There are a lot of patterns available online that you can get for free or buy, but finding a really nice pattern is actually not easy. I try to look for designs that are unique, clean, easy to make, loose fitting and uncomplicated.  And then after finding the pattern, sizing is another issue.  With the first two dresses I made, the triplets fitted into 3 month old sizing, but with the recent romper that I made, they fit into 9 months sizing.  So I always make a trial piece before I cut all the fabric.  I also like patterns where the girls can grow with, so if the dress gets too small, I can transform into a skirt, and as for the romper, if its get too small, I can remove the bodice from the bottoms and turn the bottoms into its own arabian pants.  I really enjoy how versatile home sewing can be.

So after talking about making bubble shorts forever, I finally went ahead and did one.  I honestly thought it was going to be difficult, but it was actually quite easy.  Instead of making stand-alone bubble shorts, I decided to make a bubble romper.  I learnt how to put in an elastic band (I actually remember my lesson in how create an elastic skirt from Home Economics when I was 14), smocking, and further improved upon gathering.  This was actually much easier than the Audrey dress, and the pattern-maker’s instructions was also a lot clearer.  I did hit a block at one point on how to connect the front and back bodice together and thank goodness, a blogger put up pictures on how she made the Hummingdress with a different method of enclosing the waist seam, and I figured it out from looking at her photos.  With no one to explain things to me, I can get stumped for an hour or two looking at photos and re-reading instructions, when something truly does not make sense.  And it doesn’t make sense because the method is new to me.  Once I figured it out, and I come across the same method again, I just go ahead and sew and don’t even need to look at the instructions.

I’m also getting better at making more cleaner looks. There’s still a lot more to learn and I am excited to try making new things.  I really want to make separates, so I hope to try a tank top next.  There is bias taping involved, and I feel rather intimidated by it.

Update: You can transform the romper into a dress too for older toddlers.


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