2014 to Mar 2016

Sick of Pink

One of the motivations for me to start sewing is the grossness of pink that is little girls’ fashion.  I have nothing against pink as a colour but I am dead-passionate against pink being associated with little girls’ clothing.  I have ever shopped in the little boys’ section just to find other colours.  I also dislike tulle, satin, bows, ribbons, hearts and glitter.  I don’t mind them in moderation, but they really dominate the little girls’ fashion market and I am often left with dismal choices once I eliminate the pink clothings.

I find myself once again frustrated with the world because the time has come to shop for shoes.  The girls are all walking! Lucia started walking first, followed by Lysbeth and Liora is still struggling but getting there.  They look like little zombies, with arms stretched out for balance when they walk and they fall a lot.  Anyway, I want to bring them outdoors to walk like we did with Livia so that they can practice more and to do that we need shoes and the shoes I’ve looked at so far are all disgustingly PINK. I tried to give them Livia’s old hand-me-downs but they don’t fit.  Livia was a lot bigger in size when they were the same age.  I really do not want to buy 3 pairs of pink shoes.  I don’t mind buying one nice pair of fuschia pink but there should be other colours available for parents to choose from!  Why is it so hard?  After some 3 hours of shopping online, I finally found three pairs of sandals in yellow, blue and purple from See Kai Run.  PERFECT.  Thank you.  The best part was the sandals were gender-neutral, so boys can wear them too.  Even better!

Its really nice to be able to sew for the girls and choose the fabric.  I can make their dresses in dinosaur print, or even an adult Japanese sakura print. Shouldn’t children be exposed to variety and diversity rather than same-ness? Shouldn’t they be able to shine in green, black, grey and brown?

I urge the people making kids clothes to stop obsessing with all shades of pink.  There are many colours in the world that will look good on girls of all shapes and sizes.

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