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The Asian Parent Feature: My Original Write-Up

We were featured on the Asian Parents FB page link here.

They made some edits I guess to make it more succinct.  But my original write-up was longer, and I am posting it in full below.

At our first 7-week ultrasound, the OBGYN was shocked to discover triplets. Rather than wishing me congratulations, he badgered me about my family history and if I took fertility drugs.  I calmly informed him that it was our second pregnancy (we had an 18 month old girl then), and it occurred as naturally as our first. He warned us that carrying high order multiples was high risk and that we need to consider Selective Reduction, a procedure to abort 1 or 2 babies. We ignored him, found ourselves an experienced OBGYN, and defied all odds to bring our triplets to full-term. In Sep 2014 we welcomed three additional healthy baby girls and it felt like we were starting from scratch.

From the very beginning, we were on our own.  We did not have the privilege of having family help and we did not believe in outsourcing childcare. We prepared ourselves by reading books on raising multiples and looked for advice in multiples parenting blogs and forums.  My husband, too, really rose to the occasion. He exhausted all his leave so that he could take care of all 5 of us while I recovered from my C-section. We alternated night shifts so that we took turns having a restful night of sleep.  We also put our triplets on the same feeding and sleep routine from birth. Thankfully, they started sleeping through the night at 3 months old, so no matter how physically exhausting our day was, at least we could sleep at night. We occupied our toddler with stimulating activities and got her to help us with household chores and childcare. Since we kept her busy, we never had problems with sibling jealousy and she was thrilled to be included whether it was bringing us diapers, feeding her sisters milk, or wiping their drool.

As our toddler and triplets grew and as we overcame our steep learning curve, it became easier and more manageable. We were able to head outdoors and we even take public transportation.  We tend to attract a lot of public attention wherever we went. Sometimes I felt like printing flyers to hand out to people who ask us the same questions: “Are they triplets?”, “How do you feed them?”, “How do you tell them apart?” and the age-old question, “Did you do IVF?”

Today the triplets are turning 1 and our toddler is turning 3. I blog about our family and our journey at and both my husband and I joined SG Parents of Twins of Triplets, a Facebook support group for parents of multiples. We hope through these two avenues, our experience would be of help to fellow parents who might face similar circumstances. It was indeed shocking to discover at that first ultrasound that we were going to be a large family overnight. But with creative adaptation, a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard, we made it possible.

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