2014 to Mar 2016

Sewing Project: Ruffled Billowy Dress

Every new sewing project teaches me several new techniques.  I try to pick sewing projects that suits my level of confidence and offers me opportunity to master new techniques.  Over time I hope to learn enough to make my own designs and patterns. I first learnt how to use a sewing machine with the reversible criss-cross dress I made sometime back.  I have since moved on to a new ruffled, billowy dress where I learnt how to do shirring, gathering and how to finish my seams.  Its been an entirely self-taught process.  I find a pattern and an accompanying tutorial, and read, experiment and figure things out on my own.  Sometimes the tutorial sucks, and I make a lot of mistakes, and I have to undo whatever I sewn and start again. Its interestingly not frustrating even though sometimes I can lose three to four hours and then realise it was all wrong and I need to do it again because there is such a clear end goal and you want to reach it badly and see your finished product.  To think that just a few months ago, I barely knew how to thread a sewing machine.  Now I do it in a matter of seconds.

Sewing has given me a lot of self-esteem that has been lost in the process of motherhood and the PhD. I think when your world is in shambles, returning back to a creative outlet helps to sort out those messy feelings and help you regain mastery of yourself.  The same goes for children and why its important to allow them to play freely and expose them to music and art.  Its a gift they can return to every time they need to escape and find themselves.

In family news, lootember is finally over.  My friend calls September and October, lootember because the whole family celebrate their birthday in September and October.  The triplets seem to be undergoing another growth spurt and I find myself exhausted trying to keep up with their whining and neediness.  Their bond is also more apparent than ever: I’ve seen them comfort each other when they are sad, offer their food or drink to one another when one is hungry or thirsty, and share their toys willingly.  Sometimes they do compete, but a lot of times they also cooperate and encourage.  I suspect they learnt both from Livia.

I’ve been very busy, having recovered from three weeks of haze-related illnesses.  Between the kids, cooking, sewing and dissertation, I am too zapped out to write in here.  I would suggest following my Instagram for updates because I really don’t blog as much as I like.

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