2014 to Mar 2016

Big, Fat 1 !

So there were so many things happening since.

Got caught up with election fever in Singapore…

My husband celebrated his 31st birthday…

Then ten days later the triplets celebrated their 1st birthday..

And I turned 33 two days after the triplets’ first birthday…

And then there was the haze.

We had big plans to bring the girls to Sentosa beach for their first birthday photo-taking.  It was not a professional photoshoot, just me, my camera and some props but the haze deterred our plans.  We ended up at an indoor playground instead. We might try the beach again for Livia’s 3rd birthday coming up in two weeks! Some of my friends just wished Happy Birthday to the whole family so they don’t have to do multiple greetings since our birthdays are close together.  My husband and I, however, celebrated one year of surviving triplets and after they went to sleep, we bought some drinks and had a lovely night watching movies and sentimentalising over our girls growing up.

We had a very small party for everyone.  I invited two of my friends who were there at the triplets’ birth, and one of them brought her toddlers.  We had three peas in a pod cupcakes customised by Chic Cupcakes SG and they looked and tasted awesome.  I also had Chic Cupcakes create minion-themed cupcakes for the toddlers who were also Sep and Oct babies, just to make them feel included.  Its not like the babies are aware of what’s going on.  All they know is there’s cake!  I just feel stressed by big parties, have never done one in my life nor do I plan to do one ever.  So we always try to keep things small, classy, memorable and intimate.



DSC01152 DSC01166

One of our friends visited us at home and I told her how my husband failed at taking photographs of me and the girls, so I asked her to take my mirrorless camera and just snap photos of me and the girls together.  She did a pretty good job at it. As usual, I love photos where I look absolutely ordinary and where the snapshots captures a glance into our lives.

DSC01117 DSC01119 DSC01124 DSC01125 DSC01126 DSC01127

Do we all look a year older?  The babies, or should I say toddlers? had their 12th month vaccinations today and we are happy to report, they are growing well.  They have totally exceeded my expectations!  We used to worry about their development, but they are absolutely fine.  Livia herself is showing lots of changes, especially with her speech.  She now speaks like a human and asking me why? every minute.  Its fun to finally have conversations.

After voting, celebrating and lots of eating, Livia and I fell sick from the haze that’s choking the life out of Singapore. We hope it clears soon so that we can celebrate Livia’s 3rd birthday in style at the beach.  We are also still anticipating the day the triplets walk!

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