2014 to Mar 2016

Fully toilet-trained

So about 9 or 10 months ago, just after Livia celebrated her second birthday, I blogged about how I potty-trained her in 3 days. She has successfully been off diapers since then but she would only use the potty.  Going out was tough, she refused to use the toilet-bowl. She would cry and scream even if we placed a child seat on the toilet-seat.  Maybe she was afraid of falling into the bowl, or she felt uncomfortable.  But we decided to follow her lead, as with everything else, and allow her time to adjust on her own time.  So we alternated between using diapers and bringing out a portable potty, depending how much we had to carry already that day.  She was never confused though, she could still eliminate in the potty with no problem despite using diapers outdoors.  But we worried constantly because despite leaving the house for 4-6 hours, her diapers always remained dry!  She just cannot pee or poop in the diaper any longer after she’s transitioned to a potty.  We did not like how she held her bladder for so long whenever we headed outdoors.

She didn’t seem uncomfortable or complained so we let her be.  Then a week ago, about two months shy of her third birthday, she informed me she needed to pee.  I didn’t want her to go in the bedroom toilet where her potty was because her sisters were sleeping. So I brought her to the kitchen toilet and asked her if she doesn’t mind using the toilet-bowl.  I thought I’d give it a try since she’s taller and bigger now and maybe less afraid of the toilet-bowl.  I gave her a stool to aid in climbing to the toilet-bowl and just like that, she did it.  She also had no problem going to the public toilets so we stopped diapering her outdoors as well. No forcing, no yelling, no bribery and no accidents in public.  Just as how she was ready to be potty-trained, she was now ready to be toilet-trained. From then on, she always used the toilet-bowl without incident.  It validated my belief that when you just follow your children’s lead and attune yourself to their readiness, things go a lot more smoothly.

The triplets are turning 1 soon and I’ve always wished to potty-train them as early as possible but they are not ready. I know there are all sort of methods out there to get babies to eliminate on command but I’m not really interested.  I am afraid that if I do it too early, they will hold their bladder and create all sorts of of problems down the road.  I’ll try at 14 months, and again at 18 months, and then at 24 months to test their readiness.  Children are typically ready to be toilet-trained before they turn 3, so we have quite a bit of time.

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