2014 to Mar 2016

Multiples Only Swim Play Date

I’ve been in a mad dash since realising a bit too late that the triplets’ first birthday is less than three weeks away! I’ve finally figured out how to thread the sewing machine, how to make simple stitches, but then realised the dress was 90% curves and I couldn’t sew a straight curve to save my life.  So I am currently working on practicing my curve-lines and hoping I finally get good enough to sew on the actual fabric.  You know that adrenaline of excitement that courses through your body when you are onto something, I feel it when I am sewing.  It feels like a rebirth of something in me that died a long time ago.

Yesterday we had a fun morning at the pool with our fellow twin friends.  I suggested a while back that we should organize a swim play date so that the babies had something fun to do while the adults could mingle and chat. Not many could make it that morning, but there were enough of us to over the entire baby pool. You could tell a lot of onlookers were curious by this group of parents who were carrying similar-looking kids and colonising the baby pool.  Everyone had loads of fun – I mean who doesn’t love swimming, floating and soaking in the water when you live in the tropics.



We all then headed for lunch together and as usual, there weren’t enough high chairs so two families had to carry their bubs while having lunch, and one of them was us.   It was no problem since we had a lot of practice in that already. The babies were so pooped by then that they all simultaneously took a nap while we dined.

We had a scary experience later that same afternoon.  One of my twin mum friends who drove dropped us off at Bugis Junction so we could get a taxi from there.  We decided to buy dinner home at Bugis itself so we stayed in Bugis for a short while.  Sometime after we left the car and walked to a drink kiosk, we realised we lost Livia.  She walked away from us and went into an unknown direction. I panicked and started running around like a mad woman all around the vicinity.  I found it peculiar that she did not head into a predictable direction: not the water fountain nor the car rides.  I panicked because this was unfamiliar territory for her and she did not have the ability to tell people who her parents were, what our phone numbers were and where we lived.  My husband then asked me to guard the bags while he looked for her and as every second passed, I just could not just stand there.  I ditched the bags because I did not care if they got stolen.  I just wanted to find Livia.  I realised I could not see her within the vicinity so I went inside the mall itself – maybe she went in?  Lo and behold, one of my close friends, RC, screamed out my name and she was holding Livia.  I went omg RC, how did you find her! Why are you even here!  It was all so freaky and coincidental.  She said she saw Livia all on her own and walking around in circles and then realised I was nowhere to be found. So she quickly took Livia and was about to give me a call when she saw me entering the mall.  I burst out crying at that point. Partly out of relief, and partly for the miracle that my friend was unexpectedly there just when I needed her.  What were the odds?  I was shaken the rest the day by the whole incident because as a mother, you run through all the what ifs? in your mind.  What if RC was not there?  What if someone took her? What if she ran so far I couldn’t find her?  I let myself be haunted by all these nightmare scenarios the rest of the day.  I feel much better today and I am planning to buy a wrist strap so that the incident does not repeat itself while at the same time educating Livia not to walk off alone ever again.

I might not be updating this blog for awhile till the girls’ birthday or when I am finished sewing their dresses.  I still have Livia’s birthday dress to figure out too, which is another project altogether.

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