2014 to Mar 2016

Criss-Cross Pinafore Part II

Okay so like two weeks whizzed by and I discovered I couldn’t upcycle the fabric I wanted to reuse because there wasn’t enough for this particular pinafore pattern.  I am no sewing genius so I was not sure how to get out of this conundrum and I decided to use new fabric and did some fabric shopping online.  It was fun!  Then I procrastinated again until today and I finally got going to transfer the pattern to fabric and cut the fabric.  Nope, I haven’t touched the sewing machine yet.  And yup, this must be the world’s slowest time taken to sew a simple pinafore.

I was really nervous because the fabric was so pretty and I thought my unsteady hands would macerate it. Nothing of that sort happened but I really did it extremely slow.  I pinned the pattern onto the fabric.  I don’t think I pinned it parallel as I should because I kept pricking myself.


Then once it was secured onto the fabric, I proceeded to cut.  Cutting turned out to be the easiest part.  I didn’t ruin it or anything, it was like cutting paper because the fabric shears was so sharp.


When I removed the pins and unfolded the fabric, it looks like this.


Since its a reversible pinafore, I had to cut two pieces of fabric and join them together.


After cutting two pieces of fabric, I was pooped.  I decided I’ll do another tomorrow, and another the following day till all the fabric is cut and ready for sewing. So that’s my really short part II.  Part III we will start with sewing!  I am running out of time because I want the girls to wear the dresses for their birthday and its coming really soon.  I shouldn’t have procrastinated.

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