2014 to Mar 2016

The Twilight Zone

We went to a friend’s house recently and Livia became fixated with a Barney plush she found there.  We let her listen to Barney songs but she’s maybe only seen Barney once or twice on Youtube.  My friend said Livia could have Barney because her boys totally don’t play with it anymore and ever since then, Livia and the Barney plush have been inseparable.  She really believes the plush is the real, animated Barney.  They have intimate conversations, there are lots of hugs and kisses, and when I throw Barney on the floor by accident, she goes, Barney pain!

She has many soft toys but she’s really taken to Barney so much so that nap-time and bedtime has been a very smooth process lately.  She used to grumble and throw a tantrum when I tell her its time for sleep, and she would take forever to settle into bed.  Now I just say go and sleep with Barney, and she will whisper to Barney, Barney sleep, takes him by the arm and tuck herself and her doll to bed.  Even if she can’t sleep immediately, she will have conversations with Barney until she falls asleep.

My husband isn’t very thrilled co-sleeping with Barney but he has since gotten used to it.

In the mean time, about a month ago, I also shifted the triplets and their mattress to another bedroom and that has also helped them sleep even quicker with less night wakings.  However, we always find one or two of the triplets on the floor and they seem irritated with each other because I hear shrieking at night.  I think its time to get them another bed to create more sleeping space.

The past week everyone has gone to bed by 9pm without a cinch.  I find myself strangely at a loss.  I have been so used either screaming at Livia to go to sleep, or comforting the triplets when they were wailing themselves to sleep, that when I do have a peaceful night or several peaceful nights, it seems out of place.  Its like that TV series, The Twilight Zone.  Its funny that when everyone is going smoothly, I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone.

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