2014 to Mar 2016

Criss-Cross Pinafore Part I

So I finally got started on the girls’ birthday present:  a criss-cross pinafore! My sewing materials took forever to arrive, and then I had to hunt down a self-healing mat, and then I just got lazy and distracted.

I finally found some energy today and I decided to take it reallllllly slow.  I just want to do it one step at a time in very slow motion so I don’t feel intimidated.  I have ZERO sewing background and skills.  I am literally learning everything from online tutorials. I picked a pinafore because it was something beginners can accomplish.

So I finally got going on printing the pattern. I had to read up how to print sewing patterns, so turns out you had to make sure your print settings were changed to 100% or Actual Size so it doesn’t mess the measurements. And then after they were printed, I was perplexed on how to cut it, and I had to read up again and it turns out you had to match the alphabets on each paper and tape the papers together and then cut the pattern and voila!


That took me an hour.  Professional sewists only take 30 minutes to make the whole pinafore from start to end. LOL.

My next post Part II will be transferring the pattern on my fabric (I am upcycling an old baju kurung) and then cutting the fabric.

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