2014 to Mar 2016

Insight into the life of a FTW father of triplets

FTW=Full-time working, not for the win haha.

So my husband is a what they call “a man with few words.”  He speaks a lot to me but his public self is one that is soft-spoken, shy and relatively quiet. When people approach him and question how he manages raising triplets, he will reply, “Oh, I just do it.” And most people are never satisfied with such a reply.  But he’s not into explaining himself because his actions speak louder than words.  Nevertheless, I told him to contribute a piece to my blog. Anything he wanted.  And he decided to write a short but sweet piece on a day into his life so people have an idea how he copes.  This is a guy who took care of all of us without a single word of complaint when the triplets came home from hospital. He exhausted his work leave so he could stay home that one month to help me while I recuperated from the C-section.

One of the most common questions I get from family, friends and strangers from the street is: “How do you managed taking care of triplets?”

To answer that question, it is important to know how I balance my daily routine at home and the rotating shift nature of my full time employment. My work place basically has three shifts: morning, afternoon and night. The three shifts rotate every two to three days.  A typical 7 days work week looks like this:

Morning shift

Work from 7am to 4pm – buy takeaway dinner for the family and eat dinner together – feed and bathe the kids – play and read with the kids – sleep

Afternoon shift 

Feed and bathe the kids – buy lunch for the family and eat lunch together – play and read with the kids – Work from 3pm to 10pm – return home and sleep

Night shift

Feed and bathe the kids – buy lunch for the family and eat lunch together – play and read with the kids – sleep – work from 10pm to 7am

My previous jobs which were regularly 9 to 5 office jobs required me to travel overseas frequently and so I preferred shift work because it allowed me to have a more involved role at home.  My job also requires me to cycle around the island where I work, and this makes up for the lack of exercise at home because cycling is incorporated into my work regiment. My current job also does not require me to bring work home so when I am at home I can focus entirely on my wife and kids.

I also have a 2 hour back and fro commute from home.  For most people this seems daunting but for me I use the opportunity during the train ride for self-reflection, I catch up on sleep or watch a movie to destress.

However, the explanation does not fully capture the joy of being able to interact with my children, providing them care and being able to witness their growth – the primary motivation of raising a child.

While the saying goes that it takes a whole village to raise a child because the amount of work to raise a single child is monumental, for me I feel it starts at home, from a pair of committed parents, each ready to make everyday sacrifices for their children.

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