2014 to Mar 2016

Multiples only playdate

So I joined the Twins SG Facebook group for a grand total of one month!  Then I left because I realised I got tired of sanctimommies pushing their holier-than-thou agendas in most of these Facebook groups.  But before I left, I managed to make some friends.  We chatted regularly on Whatsapp, exchanging baby recipes, comforting each other through tired nights, and generally sharing our parenting failures and triumphs. I am an ultra-cynical person and when I joined the group chat, I didn’t think I would make any friends. I am not sure why I joined come to think of it.  Maybe I knew deep inside me I needed to find other people who were struggling with raising multiples and who can understand my insider jokes on twins, and lo and behold, I found my tribe in these group of women.

We had our first play date today and it was quite the event!

We were the first to arrive and hung out with our twin hostesses with the mostest, Gabrielle and Noelle the #sahetaphytwins. The triplets cried at first but our hosts were quick to share their home-made sweet potato cookies and before you know it, they bonded over food.  Such typical Singaporeans..

DSC00378Soon each pair of twin started arriving one by one.  My husband kept going, wait there’s more? In total there were about 8-9 pair of twins and we were the only triplets.  It was quite chaotic obviously, but things sorta cooled down an hour into the playdate. Some parents were feeding their twins, some where playing independently, some were drinking their milk and guess what my triplets did…they slept!  Everyone kept coming up to us and said I can’t believe you came with four kids and you are the most relaxed. Yup, we were so relaxed, we were the only couple sitting by the food and enjoying the flood of babies before us.  Never thought I’d see double this much in my life.

Since there was so many of us, it was impossible to talk at length to everyone.  I am glad to have at least chatted a little to every single family who came.  Some more than the others.  We’ve practically shared our lives to each other through chatting and that now we’ve met, there was an instant connection and familiarity.  So that was nice.

My triplets could have slept through the entire playdate but we woke them up for photographs.  We thought it would be epic! We wanted to actually just photograph the babies and then quickly realise our folly.  Obviously our babies who are now mobile are not going to sit obediently in a group! So the parents had to enter the photograph and carry their bubs. My husband took these and I really love his composition (and this is a huge compliment if you know the backstory of my husband and his photography skills).

DSC00385Did I mention that most of the twins here are identical!  So don’t worry you aren’t the only one feeling confused. Everyone is actually wearing the same tee that I helped design, albeit with slightly different wordings but overall a similar pattern. So each mum was telling another mum how they could not tell each other’s kid’s apart and in turn the mum would reply, but they are really different! Isn’t that hilarious how clueless we are?



The photograph below is me and my brood, clearly having lots of fun.  Here you can see the typical sort of photographs my husband takes where Livia is blocking Lucia.  All he needed was to stand up and all five of us would have been in view.  When I nagged at him about this he said, well sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss.  I wasn’t going to have another argument with him about his photography skills.  And if you ask why are we even arguing about this? Its because I want to see more of myself in photographs with the girls and inevitably, he has to take the photo for that to happen.


We left after 2 hours and everyone left at the same time but not before staring at my husband tandem-carrying Lucia and Lysbeth. They marvelled at his strength. I told everyone that everywhere we went, the whole room would stop what they were doing and focus on us when we were in the midst of putting our babies into the carriers.

When we got home, every single mummy said their twins were either too jazzed up from the playdate to sleep or they immediately pengsan-ed and slept early.  My girls fell in the former category. We actually went to visit their grandparents after the playdate, thus prolonging their tiredness and by the time we got home, it was mayhem. Everyone was crying from over-stimulation, including Livia who was hopped up on sugary drinks and food the whole day.

We are planning another playdate in Oct, one for Christmas and another for Chinese New Year.  Maybe next time the triplets will be awake for their epic playdate with twins!  Who else can say they met 9 other pairs of twins in a single room.  Then again my friends are probably saying, who else can say that they’ve met triplets.

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