2014 to Mar 2016

Tingkat with Hong Choo Catering

Sometime last month, the triplets’ appetites exploded.  They were no longer satisfied with purees, they want real, human food.  The problem is they can’t really eat what we prepare yet because there is salt, spice and all sorts of flavourings that might overwhelm their digestive systems.  I thought about giving them baby-friendly foods from what I eat during meals but they were not satisfied, they wanted more.  So I started preparing separate meals for them, and this was on top preparing my husband’s work lunches (he works in an island off Singapore and he needs to bring his own lunch) and cooking for myself and my toddler.  Then there was also the grocery shopping. I did some online and I also shopped physically, and it seemed like we were buying groceries at the rate of twice a week – it was insane.  I started dreading cooking, and I didn’t feel like eating my cooking and when you don’t cook with love, eating is also not a pleasurable experience.

So I turned to some friends who had experience with tingkat meals for their recommendations and there was a unanimous vote for Hong Choo catering.  We decided to give it a try for a month.  At first we ordered enough for 2 pax for dinner Mon to Fri, for $200 but we found it was not enough to feed two adults and a toddler.  My husband, to be fair, eats quite a lot. He expends plenty of energy at work so I want him to eat more. So we upgraded it to 3 pax for $260 and its more than enough, and a lot of times leaving extra for lunch the next day.

We really enjoy the meals.  They are really simple, has a Singaporean Chinese home-cooked quality to them, and we don’t think there is MSG because it tastes very much like how I would cook it at home.  So we’ve been quite satisfied with the meals so far, three weeks in.  The ingredients tend to repeat themselves, although they are cooked differently.  Since they are simple, home-cooked sort of meals, you don’t expect to see expensive proteins and vegetables like salmon, cod, prawn, beef and duck.  Instead you see variations of chicken, pork and cheap cuts of fish fillets and they are often paired with tofu and leafy green vegetable side dishes.  The lack of diversity of protein and vegetables does get tiring after a while although I have no complaints about the way they are prepared because they do cook them in quite different ways each time, so I was thinking of reducing the tingkat meals to 4 times a week so the other 2 times, we will have more luxurious and nutrient-rich protein and vegetables. And for one or two times a week, we will eat out.  So I will have a bit of everything, tingkat, my own home-cooked meals (which tend to be very Western-based) and eating out.

Below are five examples of the tingkat meals we had so far from Hong Choo.

DSC00339 DSC00296 DSC00283 DSC00281 DSC00174

On very tired days, which is almost daily, especially when my husband isn’t at home, I do look forward to tingkat very much. Its like you are grateful just to have home-cooked food delivered to your doorstep for dinner each day.

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