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Going out with triplets – feature for Honeykidsasia

I enjoy talking about how we raise our kids because our family and friends have so many questions about how we do it.  We also get stopped in the street quite a bit and then people there also like to ask how we do it.  I am actually a bit shy to publicise myself so other than this blog and Instagram, I make no extra effort to share my story.

One of my university friends, Juliana (you can read her blog here), thinks I should contribute parenting articles.  Its not a stretch. I already write a lot as an academic, and I have many ideas from this blog, I just had to mesh the two.  Well after some serendipity, lots of coaxing and actually very little writing (I wrote the whole thing up in an hour), my first article was finally published by  You can read all about it here.  You probably read it all before because I mentioned them a bunch of times throughout the blog and I simply put a bunch of blog writings together for a more focused article.

You can also check out their Facebook posting on my article here.  And let me remind everyone, I am not really a supermum! I’m super ordinary.

I am working with the editor to feature more stories and I am also trying to find ways to connect with other parenting magazines to share my story as well.  Lots of friends say I should be interviewed, but honestly, I prefer writing about me, myself.

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