2014 to Mar 2016

How we got 10 month old triplets to sleep

A time lapse of how we get the triplets to sleep – we basically do nothing!  It took them about 30 minutes to get to sleep, but I condensed it to about a minute in the video.  This was after a hot bath, reading books and one more bottle of milk.  Sometimes they are not sleepy yet, so I just let them roam around till they were ready for bed.  We used to sit by their sides and patted them to sleep but once they could move, it was insane trying to pull each baby back to bed so common sense told me that I should just let them be and I did, and they usually went to bed on their own.  Sometimes it takes only ten minutes, sometimes half an hour, sometimes as long as an hour.  Their big sister is outside the room, sleeping on the couch and I bring her in once the triplets were in deep sleep.  Ultimately whenever a particular method stopped working for us, we try something else until we found something that worked.  Creative adaption is key to surviving three growing babies.

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