2014 to Mar 2016

10 months

My munchkins turned 10 months old two days ago.  And I am really, really, really excited for them to walk soon. They were late in their milestones in the beginning but then they started catching up and after 7 months, were doing the same things Livia did at the same age.  I always use Livia as a gauge because if they were not born a month early, they would have shared the same birthday in October.

But there are also major differences to Livia and I think a lot of it has to do with being part of a group. For one they are always competing for food and they are always hungry. Sometime after 8 months, Livia started rejecting milk and showed preferences for certain solids.  Not the triplets!  They have never ever rejected any food I have offered to them and they continue to drink milk in the gallons.  So you can imagine how much we have been spending on formula and how we are glad they are reaching one soon and we can start cutting down their four sessions of formula to just two.  The reason I attribute this to group dynamics is because when I am feeding the triplets and no matter what they are eating, Livia wants to eat too! When they drink milk, she wants milk too.

They also move in a pack, a bit like a dog pack with Livia being the alpha dog. When I hear her say, “Come on, come on!” I know they are up to no good.  Its actually pretty great for me because it means they can play independently and I have so much more time to myself.  But if I leave them alone long enough, you can expect them to start quarrelling with each other, fighting over toys, or getting up to some mischief.

They have also started playing games with me and each other, which shows improved cognition.  Being able to play games is a sign they are preparing for toddlerhood. Like all babies, their favourite is peek-a-boo, except instead of me hiding, they try to hide and reveal themselves to me over and over.  They also seem to laugh at each other’s antics frequently, although I am not clued in to what the big joke is. And just like Livia was at their age, they gravitated towards stacking toys, like this cheap $7 dollar nesting cups I bought from Amazon, and shape sorter toys I got from Ikea.  They also spend quite a bit of time flipping books and biting play food from the play kitchen.

They are trying to walk.  Rather than crawl, they have been using the walls to cruise from place to place around the house. They also enjoy using the toy walker to help them walk.  I very much can’t wait for the moment they can walk.  Do you know what that means for us?  It means we can put them down on the floor ANYWHERE when we go out.  We don’t have to constantly carry them on our fronts and backs.  My husband has started complaining that the twins’ increased weight is making him more tired when he babywears them simultaneously (its no joke, its like 16kg man).  Some people though like to rain on my parade and then say, but then they are going to walk in different directions and then how will you handle it.  Okay I admit I haven’t figured that out.  Its a situation I can only solve when it happens.  My bet is they walk 2 to 3 days after their birthday.  I am just not sure if its the real birthday or their adjusted birthday.

Last but not least, they have learnt to say one decipherable thing. “Mum, mum.”  Before you get excited its not mum as in mummy but mum, mum as in “I want to eat.”  When they see food or want food, they will go, “mum, mum.” They also have started communicating to each other but its all pretty much nonsense blabber and screaming Ahhhhhhh together. I am also quite keen to see their conversations grow sophisticated so I can start making many YouTube-worthy videos.

Livia too has been having a growth spurt in terms of her vocabulary and creativity. One time she saw a picture of a Koala bear on a tree and she didn’t know what it was and told her dad that it was a monkey bear because it was a creature that looked like a bear and it was hanging off a tree.  I thought it was an interesting perspective.  And there was another time she went off with her dad to buy lunch and on the way home, they passed by a playground. She told her dad that she wanted to stop and play at the playground and her dad said that he needed to bring food home for me and her smart-ass reply was, “Mummy can eat oatmeal.”  Yup, mummy comes second after playground.

All in all when they are all not annoying each other, its been pretty fun.

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