2014 to Mar 2016

Weekdays are the best time to go out with multiples

So dad took leave from work and we had one of those gorgeous fun weekdays where we could go out in public and there were no crowds.  We totally took advantage of the situation, starting first with East Coast Park.

It was the triplets’ first time at an indoor playground.  I had my first experience of what to do when my babies crawled off in different directions!  I was just LOST and then developed a headache.  I was not sure who exactly I should be tracking.  I wish I was Mad-Eye Moody from HP, whose eyeballs could look in totally different directions.  Then there was Livia, my toddler, and she ran off to God knows where.  I told my husband to look out for her and I would deal with the triplets.  I decided they just had to play in a group, or at least always be in my line of sight.  The moment they wandered off alone or disappeared from my line of sight, I quickly carried them back to the group.  They had plenty of fun and they made some new friends at the playground but they got tired out pretty quickly.  I think all that stimulation just overwhelmed their senses.  They played for only 20 minutes before they were completely pooped out.


These activity panels kept them occupied for a good 10 minutes or so


Waaait, whaat? That’s not our sister.


Ha ha! Played a trick on you guys.


Can’t believe Polliwogs ECP is closing down. Look at this view just outside their playground.

Then the following day, I decided I deserve some shopping and some nice restaurant food and I want the whole family with me! I told my husband how I was certain Suntec City would have stroller rental services because all the malls in Singapore had it. Surely such a big mall like Suntec City would have it too.  Yeah, how wrong was I! (And Suntec City, you should really step up your family-friendly game if you want to attract more consumers).  My poor husband had to carry the twins as we walked all about Suntec City and Marina Square but he didn’t complain though.  We shopped a bit at H&M, then had dinner at Robert Timms. We asked the Robert Timms wait staff for three high chairs, and they said oh we only have two.  Grrr, okay I’ll carry one baby. They were having a 1-for-1 special and I wasn’t going to let a good deal go to waste. So all through dinner I had Liora on my lap as I tried eating my Fish and Chips one-handed.  It didn’t help that Livia decided to share my Fish and Chips so I ended up eating only half.  I guess my waistline should thank her.  We then headed to the the emptiest Llao Llao in Singapore at Marina Link.  Their staff of really young girls were swooning over our really young girls and they gave Livia a free cup of chocolate balls because “she’s so pretty.”  After getting their sugar high, we let the kids play at the playground at Marina Square before we called it a day and headed home.

I really love weekdays.  I probably mentioned it like a gabillion times.  Its the only time we don’t feel like aliens visiting from outer space because everywhere is so empty and nobody is gawking and finger-pointing and approaching us as much and often.

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