2014 to Mar 2016

At the Pool at 9 Months

When we had Livia we brought her to the pool when she was just 6 months old but with the triplets we waited till they could sit, and that was around 8 months.  All four of them cried at their first introduction to water.  We would try to take them swimming at least once a week and it was only after about 2 months where they started feeling comfortable in the water. We brought them again two days ago and they were laughing endlessly because they were having so much fun.

We really love Pasir Ris pool even though Tampines was a lot nearer.  First, there is a small waterplay area that is shaded if you went during the day.  Second it was never crowded even during peak periods like weekends.  Third it has a beach resort ambience so we are not shy about laying our beach towel anywhere we liked, we usually chose a spot near the baby pool.  We can’t live without our beach towel.  With so many babies, the beach towel was their sitting, eating and clothes- and diaper-changing spot.  Finally there are slides and tunnels for our toddler, and for us a jacuzzi pool.  Who doesn’t love jacuzzis?

When we got home, all our girls went to sleep immediately and even I had a restful night of sleep.  The wonders of swimming!

DSC00083 DSC00120 DSC00126

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