2014 to Mar 2016

Popsicle Days

Temperatures in Singapore have been spiking to as high as 33 degrees Celsius and that is just mad.  Only my bedrooms are air-conditioned and the girls obviously do not want to be stuck in their bedroom all day so I have been sweating a lot and non-stop.  And the girls have been perspiring a lot as well.  I bathe them at least three times a day now, and I strip them down to their diapers, and I give them lots to drink for hydration.  But they are still so grumpy.

Ice-cream, however, they love.  Some of my twin mom friends were discussing how they dealt with teething and a lot of them mentioned the Munchkin Freezer pops.  I already had a popsicle-maker at home but it was too large for the triplets to hold steadily so I though the Munchkin freezer pops were just brilliant.  They could grip the handles really well, the popsicle were a perfect size for their age, and its a yummy summer treat.  I usually pour plain Greek Yoghurt into the mold, and then mix in some fresh fruit flavouring and it varies between blueberries, strawberries, mangoes and oranges.  They love it so much that I have to pry the popsicle sticks from their hands when they are done eating and they let out a shrill scream like I am hurting them physically.  I think the great thing about these freezer pops is that you can put just about any puree in these molds and a teething baby will love the icy treat.  It gives them something cold to bite on and simultaneously soothes their gums.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 10.15.46 pm

Obviously it gets really messy.  The yoghurt drips all over their bodies and it gets on theirs arms and backs.  How it gets on their backs I have no idea.  So I make them eat the ice-pops in the kitchen where they are free to make whatever mess they like. My toddler being a lot bigger always finishes her popsicles first and then she will try to lick her sisters’ popsicles when I am not looking.  The “perks” of being a big sister to triplets, you have thrice as much food to steal.

I like that the ice-pops can last till toddlerhood.  I might upgrade to the Zuko ice-pop maker when they are a lot bigger and sell my Munchkin one.  I love how you can make lovely designs with the Zuko.  But for now, I am glad to have discovered the Munchkin freezer pops.  I totally recommend it for hot, summer days.

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