2014 to Mar 2016

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions when it is a Two Year Old

So the terrifying/terrible twos are slowly making its way to the not so terrifying? threes.   After more than a year challenging her limits (oh she still does but maybe less) and testing our limits, I would give us a scorecard of B+ in getting through the past year and a half.  I would give a higher score but we both performed badly when I was pregnant with the triplets and the beginning newborn phase.  We neglected our toddler a lot and we used TV as a babysitter during the whole triplet pregnancy and newborn ordeal.   Maybe it should be a B instead.  I was not proud of myself but we did what we could do and within our means, and I am not guilty about it.

What I loved about the two year old phase.  So different from babies and 1 year olds because they can finally understand what you mean!  Sometimes they even get when something is quite complex and they follow simple directions really well.  I admit I use my toddler to get me things when I feel lazy.  They are also learning and absorbing language and they are so darn cute when they try to say something that has too many syllables like “caterwilalalala?” (caterpillar).  They love you SO much no matter how angry you were and they refuse to leave your side (unless there is a shiny toy involved).  Hugs and kisses are plentiful and given freely.  They also like to do things for you and imitate you like helping you clean the floor and set the table – they can be such enthusiastic helpers.  They are so transparent and uninhibited in their emotions that they wear everything on their sleeves and while it can be frustrating when they are angry and throwing tantrums, it can be endearing when they are showing happiness.  They are also very compassionate little humans. And lastly, they have such thirst for learning – they want to know and learn about everything.

Now for the not so good parts.  They get fixated on something like a particular episode of Bananas and Pyjamas and want to watch it a hundred times over in a row and if you don’t let them, they will go batshit crazy.  They are inconsistent with meal times and nap times, and all you hope for is to get a speckle of rice into their mouth.  Their attention span is also crazy short.  Their tantrums are of epic and volcanic proportions. Since they are learning to do things on their own, they waste things, like when washing their hands, they leave the water running.  And putting any pen in which the ink cannot be washed is asking for disaster when in the hands of a 2 year old.  Their good intentions are oftentimes paved toward a road to hell, as the saying goes.  Like for example, she decides on her own that diaper cream might cure her itch and she will squeeze the whole bottle out and smear diaper cream on herself and her sisters because she had good intentions but it went awry.

Now I am starting to see her grow into a three year old.  And suddenly, I want the two year old to stay as she is a little big longer.  Are they sure they said growing pains are just experienced by the child?  It seems to feel more horrible for their parents.

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