2014 to Mar 2016


So my husband was home a lot more the past two weeks and it gave me an illusion I had more time for my dissertation and I started plugging away at it quite religiously every night.  Then yesterday he returned to normal work routine and I found myself gasping to breathe.  I didn’t understand what was going on, nothing was going as planned.  The girls kept fussing, my toddler was throwing tantrums, nobody wanted to sleep (even at night!) and I was too exhausted to do much else.  I then realised I allowed myself to get too comfortable and get so far away from my usual routine when my husband was home that now I have to climb back up for it.

Life with four children is truly a balancing act of masterful proportions.  And you can’t slip one bit.  I have also weaned myself off Coke Light, which if you were to ask me was the secret to my bountiful amount of energy since pregnancy.  But its not good for my health so I decided one day to stop drinking it, and boy, I am feeling the withdrawal symptoms really like migraines and headaches.  But I am going to stay strong on this one.

During that two weeks I had happy thoughts about how I was going to be able to finish my dissertation on the deadline I gave myself. Now I think to myself: who was I kidding?

I have also been rejected from a couple of fun toddler classes I wanted to sign up for Livia because of my husband’s work schedule. Since its a rotating shift,  we are unable to attend class on a fixed day every week, which every class wants us too.  First we got kicked out of gym class, then we got kicked out of swimming class, and today, we got kicked out of Polynesian dance class.  She really loves all these things, even though I think she’s actually still too young for structured classes.  But since she doesn’t attend childcare, I thought its okay to expose her to some structured classes that were no more than two hours and they are all about having fun and moving your body.  Alas!  The people working in these places were not flexible to accommodate to our personal situation.  I understand they have a curriculum to follow, but all we are looking for is to have fun.  This is why I can’t wait for the kids to walk soon so I can bring Livia to class, and bring the triplets along as well without my husband.

So overall it hasn’t been dandy.  Its been tough.

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