2014 to Mar 2016

8 Months

The triplets are turning 9 months in about 10 days.  I told my friends that this year was going to flash by me and its been nothing but the truth. The girls’ 8th month has been marked by plenty of activity.  They are crawling everywhere around the house, and very funnily, crawling together in a row with Lysbeth leading the hunt (for things to bite), Lucia in the middle and Liora at the back.  But sometimes they break up from their crawling formation and do their own thing, either playing alone or playing with Livia.  They also like to follow me everywhere, especially to the kitchen. I don’t know why, they just LOVE the kitchen.  Its been driving me nuts how much time they spend over there.  There’s nothing dangerous there that will hurt them but I feel that the floor is not as clean because we cook and eat there and we don’t get to clean it as often as we like because we are so busy.  So I’m contemplating getting a safety gate to keep them out of the kitchen.  I’m pretty laissez-faire in that I allow the kids to go wherever they want to go in the house and I don’t babyproof. But I really didn’t expect them to hang out in the kitchen this much so I might babyproof a little.

Scurrying quickly out of the kitchen when I turned off the lights.

Scurrying quickly out of the kitchen when I turned off the lights.

They have also taken very well to going to the swimming pool.  We tried taking them at 6 months, they cried.  Then at 7 months, still cried, but now at 8 months, they finally love the water.  We leave them in the shallow baby pool where they can sit and play in the water. We bring plenty of water toys to keep them occupied. But my husband and I will take one out each time to go the training pool, to swim laps with them (and the other will stay in the pool with the other two kids). In the deeper pool,  we take them by their arms and pull them along the water, encouraging them to kick.  Its not to make them learn swimming or anything, its just to tire them out with activity and its good for their muscles to move.  Going to the pool is also an all-round great sensory activity for babies.  When we had Livia only, we were at the pool like almost everyday so she practically grew up in the water.  These days, we give Livia a puddle jumper float and she’s free to do whatever she wants in the pool as long as its within our line of sight.  She never goes too far because she’s attached to us and is not comfortable being alone.



And I think what I love best about the eight month is the predictability of when they are going to poop and sleep.  They can also hold their own milk bottles now so I always pass them the bottle and then go off and do my own thing while they drink their milk.  And they are so much fun at this age!  They try to communicate with you with their jabbering and blabbering, and they find everything so funny and thrilling.  Since their feeding have fallen into a predictable pattern, we’ve also been going out more because they can last a good 4-5 hours after a feed and we can use that time to go out together, whether it is to buy groceries or just hang out wherever.  We like to go to Ikea and the airport because its baby-friendly.


The not-so-good part is the separation anxiety.  Its been tough to leave the room because they do not understand yet that even though you left the room, you are still around.  They think you are gone for good.  So whenever I leave the room, I literally have a trail of babies following me.  So going to the toilet has been tougher.  I’ve thought about putting safety gates at the toilet so I can leave the door open and they can see that I’m there.  I used to bring Livia, when she had separation anxiety, to the toilet with me, but its just not possible with 3 babies.  I also don’t like feeding because of the mess that has to be cleaned up after and I wish they could stand so I can bathe them altogether instead of one by one.  I guess in time, they will grow in independence and that will leave me with just wiping their butts! I think this has been the most easygoing month as far as the year goes.

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