2014 to Mar 2016

Sister, Sister

I am starting to feel ganged up upon:  Four active laughing girls vs. one over-tired and sleepy mother.  I am starting to see bonding take place before my sight, and its beautiful!  I think Livia is really the perfect BIG sister for these girls, she has the patience of her father and she never feels overwhelmed by her sisters.  She embraces the craziness, complexity and topsy-turviness that triplets can bring.  She is also really good in injecting herself into their dynamics so she never feels left out.  I always mention to my husband that this girl is set for life because she is such a natural when it came to socialising.  I have no idea where she got her social EQ from – her dad and me are not very social folk.  I feel its taken out a lot of work for us when the triplets came home.  I honestly never seen a child so eager to get up every morning to play with her little sisters, even if their toys are a little juvenile for her age.  And the triplets LOVE her, and sometimes more than they actually love each other.  Well I don’t know if they love each other because they are still too young to express themselves freely.  I am sure they do in an instinctual womb-mates kind of way.  But I know they love their big sister like crazy.  She lights up their faces, makes them laugh and they follow her wherever she goes.  When I am not around, they are quite happy to be in her company.

I am excited to see how this plays out as they grow together.  I think this is one of the nicer things about having kids around the same ages, well in the my case, three of the exact same age.

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