2014 to Mar 2016

Mid-Year Reflections

I have started finding time to work on my dissertation regularly.  It helps that the girls can play with their sister for an hour or two hour blocks and sleeping 10-12 hours every night! I am trying to get into a healthy routine for myself so that the year doesn’t pass me by and realise I have yet not done any work.  I’ve been thinking very hard about whether to accept offers to teach freelance at the university and I plan to reject them until I finish a draft of my entire dissertation.  I just have too much to do already as it is and next year we are moving homes, so I feel added pressure to get work done before the impending move which will be chaotic and time-consuming.

I will continue updating in here as the girls grow up.  However, I privatized Instagram but you can request to follow me there if you would like to follow the girls and their growth.

The girls are turning eight months in a couple of days.  I am already thinking about their first birthday in September, and throwing a small party with the two friends who were with me at their birth.  We are not really big party people.  I find big parties just give a lot of stress and I can’t enjoy them at all.

Seriously though, where did all that time go?

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