2014 to Mar 2016

Bringing Triplet Babies Out

Bringing triplets and a toddler out is not too difficult.  We did wait for quite a while before we were truly confident to bring them all out, without a car, and without extra help.  We rely on taxis, public transport and our baby carriers, and sometimes we bring a single stroller. Having done the baby thing before, we knew it was best to wait for to them to 1) have neck control, 2) be able to sit/stand/crawl, and 3) have an established feeding pattern that was 4-5 hours apart, before they can hang out outdoors.  We also bring them out on weekdays more so than weekends just because places are a lot emptier on weekdays. We also generally avoid going out on public holidays.

Even so, the very first time we brought them out was nerve-wrecking.  We did not know how the girls would react.  We started bringing them out from three months of age for very short durations of time, and slowly increased the frequency and time outside as they got bigger, sturdier and more mobile.   I remember our friends and family always told us not to visit them because they asked how is it possible to bring all the girls out?  And I always have to say, no, no we want to go out. It’s good for me, and its good exposure and stimulation for the girls.

The first time they went out, they were afraid of everything and everyone.  They were just not used to different environments.  And I was not too thrilled whenever someone wanted to come by and say hello or make faces at the girls because it would for sure spark three crying outbursts.  People would also look at me nervously with my four girls and you can see from their expressions that they wonder how this woman can cope with three infants and a toddler, and their quizzical expression transform into smiles when they see that I am more than able to cope.  My husband is always there but sometimes he is not, like if he went to buy food, or supervise Livia playing, or if he went to the toilet.  So me being alone with the girls is quite a common scenario.

We love playing sports and going swimming, so we are waiting patiently for the girls to reach their sitting, crawling and standing milestones.  They can do these things already but they are very, very wobbly, and I always need to position a pillow nearby in case they topple over.  I have so many plans to bring them swimming, to Sentosa, to the Botanical Gardens, and I have longer term plans to bring them on vacations overseas.  Going out and having fun is something a mother of triplet fantasies about a lot because she is often cooped up at home.  My husband and I have been solely responsible for the girls for three years running now.  Not a day has gone by where we have taken a break from childcare. Not even when I was heavily pregnant, and not even when I was in hospital.  When I delivered the triplets, my husband took care of my daughter and they would visit me at the hospital together.  I do miss going out on dates, and we create dating situations at home when the girls are asleep, like having a private dinner or watching a movie together.   We also fantasise a lot about what we will do when the girls are all grown up and we have all that time to ourselves.

I do get pockets of time to go out on my own and meet my friends, and there are days I do feel like checking into a hotel and just sleep for hours on end.  But if I can choose to go out and have fun, 9/10 times I will always choose to do it with the husband and the girls.


At Suntec City, on our way to Polliwogs

At xplorerkids Downtown East

At xplorerkids Downtown East


Having Lunch at Ikea on a weekday


At Tampines One waterpark


After a quick swim at Pasir Ris Swimming Pool

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