2014 to Mar 2016

Mischief or Miscomm?

Its been teething hell for us, and only one baby is teething!  We have another two more who have yet to experience teething pains.  Sleep which has been really great has been difficult because the teething baby will wail and wake the others.  Our eldest is also ill and she would have her own night wakings that will wake the teething baby, and then wake the others.  Least to say we are tired.

I get very frustrated by night wakings as I am sure every parent does.  And it reminds me how lonely, isolating, and painful parenting can be when its me against four children in the middle of the night, when I should be resting.  I always call upon my inner strength to carry me through.  I have also trained my brain to shift quickly from oh my god, she’s so annoying to sigh, she just needs her mother to hug her.  When you allow yourself to think differently of a situation, the stress alleviates really fast.

My husband is the queen of summoning his inner zen goddess.  One morning I had to go to the hospital for a check-up and he just came home from his night shift, obviously extremely sleepy and exhausted.  But I could not reschedule my appointment so he was left alone with the four kids while I went to my appointment.  When I got home, he had bathed everyone and he told me, it was disaster.  Apparently, Livia found diaper cream and started applying it all over her body and hair, and then proceeded to apply it on her sisters.  Diaper cream is very sticky so you can imagine the mess she made.  The diaper cream also got on the beds and pillows.  And Lysbeth’s hair was smeared entirely with diaper cream.  My husband said he could have punished her but he shifted his mindset and tried to ask himself why she would do this and he thinks its because she had a mosquito bite and she’s seen us apply cream on her bites and thought that the cream might help her, and protect her sisters from bites.  I don’t think I would have reacted that way at all.  I would most have certainly screamed my head off at my toddler.

But he taught me an important lesson to shift my thinking when the kids are concerned. They see the world a lot differently and they can’t express themselves fully yet, so a little kindness and understanding usually goes a long way.

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