2014 to Mar 2016

7 Months

Someone praised us recently about how amazing it was that we lasted through seven months on our own, and I was quick to add, “Not without tears!”  And he quickly replied, he had tears just raising one.  I’m not a religious person so I cannot say that God gives us what we can handle (but its such an elegant way to explain the epic things that parents are capable of).  Instead I like to believe that parents are evolved to adapt according to the number, type and personality of their children. I have friends with special needs children, and I think they are even more amazing.  Imagine how great parenting is if we just went around telling parents how amazing they are instead of putting them down.

Our girls are quickly approaching their 8th month (7 months adjusted).  The milestones that I previously thought were lagging have all been  happening and happening quickly. They are sitting!  They are standing! They are crawling!  They want to feed themselves! And one of our triplets have cut her first tooth, way earlier than I expected. Livia cut her first tooth only at 9 months.  Lysbeth is usually the first to hit major milestones but when it came to sitting down independently, Lucia did it first.  They have also started interacting with toys and this makes their big sister very happy that she can play with them.  We are also more confident than ever to bring them out whenever we can find the time to.  We even sat through lunch at a restaurant once and no one made a big fuss.  But as usual outdoors means being the center of attention and I don’t know when I will ever get used to this.

DSC09281 DSC09296

The days, however, continue to be as exhausting as ever.  I am on my feet or bending down constantly because there is always something to be done!  Now that they are on solids, I feel like they constantly need to be fed.  And after they are fed, which is a messy affair, they have to be cleaned.  Its pretty neverending. Also, since they are mobile now, they tend to cross each other and get tangled and I have to untangle them.  There is also a lot of snatching going on: snatching of pacifiers, milk bottles, toys and it devolves very instantaneously into full-blown screaming tears.  But there are also extremely cute moments where they are all doing the same thing like laughing at the same thing at the same time, or offering their chubby arms for another to teeth on.  Their personality is also emerging:  Lysbeth is very intense and she’s quite a go-getter and I would say most similar to Livia, Lucia is cautious and observant, and Liora is easy-going.  I would not be surprised to see Lysbeth emerging as ring-leader in the future

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