2014 to Mar 2016

Reset my Buttons

Lately I have been feeling that the way we are doing things around the house has not been working out.  Something was amiss.  Everyone was just feeling tired.  We were always behind in our chores. I don’t seem to have enough time to cook nice meals for the family.  And it hit me that the triplets are now getting more mobile, and they want alot of stimulation, and play, and our toddler is sick of being cooped up at home, and she wants to go out and play and meet friends.  The thing is, taking care of so many babies can be quite all-consuming and I actually can go for a week or two and totally not realise I have not step foot outside my home.

We tried signing Livia up for a playgroup but it was a failure.  My husband works in shifts and I had chosen this playgroup because they were close to my home and they appeared to have a flexible schedule.  When we went to register, they told us we needed to pick a fixed day that Livia will turn up every week and I said why can’t she rotate every week since there was a playgroup a few times a day almost everyday.  They just wouldn’t let us, even when we tried to explain our situation.  Livia had no clue what we were doing so she didn’t feel disappointed but boy, were we disappointed.  We knew how much she enjoyed herself there and I especially felt downcast because I had spent months looking for a playgroup for her that was nearby and would fit our peculiar schedule.

I stayed up all night thinking how to rectify this situation.  And I decided to create the atmosphere of play and an art-centred preschool at home.  I have all this outdoor plans for us but its not a possibility until the triplets can walk.  I have ran the scenario many times in my head about how to bring out 3 infants and a toddler on my own (without driving a car because I don’t have one), and while it is possible, it is dangerous because I only have one pair of eyes and one pair of hands. So for now I will try to recreate the experience at home as best as I can.

Which means we need to change the way we do things at home too.  I need to stop sleeping late for one so that I have energy in the day for Livia.  She is a bundle of energy and its been hard to keep up.  I will also honestly admit, she has been neglected for quite some time now.  She really only gets proper attention when my husband is home and he brings her out to swim, play, and whatever it is that she enjoys.  And both of us need to have a better routine for how our day goes because its pretty much a mess at this point.  We are now living our lives according to our triplets feeding, diapering, and sleeping needs.  And we need to recenter the focus on Livia, ourselves and not always be focused on the three girls now that they are bigger and have started playing independently much longer than before.

So we’ll see how this new plan goes and I’ll update it soon.

I’ve also been reconsidering the direction of this blog.  This random writing in here whenever I feel like it is also not working out very well for me.  I would prefer to have a project, and then discuss about it here to share, and then not write for a while until the next project.  So I will be revamping this space one more time.

One thought on “Reset my Buttons

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full! I like your plan and have the same goal foe my blog, but life seems to get in the way of projects and I am left with random posts here and there! Good luck.

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