2014 to Mar 2016

On The Bus

We took the bus today.  And we usually don’t but we decided the girls are bigger and they fuss a lot less, and they seem to enjoy going out so we decided to skip the taxi and take public transport.  And with one toddler in tow, and three babies on our bodies, not a single person gave up their seat to us. I had to sternly ask the male adult, can you please give up your seat to my daughter.  He was too engrossed in his phone to bother and I had to repeat myself three times.  Instead his elderly companion who should not be getting up gave up his seat.  Livia is only 2.5 years old and terribly clumsy, I could not risk her standing up because we were both carrying the triplets and were in no position to help her if she fell down so it was extremely important that she sat.  I was SO annoyed with the two adults and their stupid phones.  Sometimes I do get engrossed in my phone but I always check if someone needs a seat when the bus stops, especially if I am sitting at the seat reserved for people who need it more than I do.  I registered my annoyance to them when they left the bus, by giving them a pffft.

Its getting a bit easier to deal with all the staring and approaching the more we go out.  We actually met a nice lady who had 5 kids.  She said, wow I had 5 pregnancies and you had all of yours in two. She seems really smart.  And I guess I am annoyed by stupid questions, and not so much by people themselves.  You can just tell when someone thinks you are a freak as compared to someone who thinks you are interesting.  See, I think everyone is interesting, or at least have an interesting angle to their life.  At one point a father at the waterpark caught sight of my husband, and gave my husband a thumbs up.  My husband chuckled.  I said what’s so funny.  He said, he’s saying I am so fertile.

I always feel thankful for the breath of fresh air when we get to go out.  I am still cooped at home a lot.  We can’t really bring the girls anywhere they cannot have a spacious spot to lie down because they can’t sit yet.  When you get used to a stifling way of life, like not being able to go out on a whim, you feel blessed just to be able to head out and buy groceries, or take a short walk to the food court to buy food.

Here’s a photo of the girls immensely enjoying themselves.  They are not used to going out so usually when we remove them from the carriers, they would immediately cry in anxiety.  Once they realise its okay, mummy and daddy is just next to them, they start looking around eagerly.  When they finally have enough (about 20 minutes), they proceed to nap.  Such good kids they are!


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