2014 to Mar 2016

Hell-NO Kitty

If you haven’t followed my Instagram, my mother was suppose to loan me her sewing machine.  I couldn’t decide what machine I wanted to buy and decided to postpone purchasing until I was more confident in sewing.  And my mother has a simple Singer mechanical sewing machine that was portable and she doesn’t seem to use it much these days so I asked if I could have it for awhile.  Well it turns out, she thinks my father threw it away (my father has OCD).  And without asking for my consent, she went out to buy me a sewing machine.  And this is what she got!


It’s a Brother Hello Kitty mechanical sewing machine.  I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty so I am trying not to be distracted by that.  But Brother is a good and reliable brand for sewing machines and its a great machine for a beginner.  I figured when I wanted to upgrade machines, I could pass this on to the girls.  I am sure at least one (hopefully all of them) would be interested to learn to sew. What I really wanted was a Janome computerised sewing machine but honestly, I don’t know how into sewing I am going to be.  Am I just doing it as a hobby, or do I really want to get into this craft professionally? If its the latter, I could justify buying a Janome computerised sewing machine because its truly expensive.

I just bought my first batch of sewing tools to finally get started on sewing.  I’m starting with simple baby dresses for the triplets, and a simple toddler skirt for Livia.  My good friend, Jules, sent me a site where I pay a minimal fee to receive a complete online tutorial on how to get started on sewing for beginners. So far it’s working out really well and the two women who are my teachers on the site provide a lot of encouragement and motivation along the way.  I can also post questions when I have any.

I mean to take professional classes some day but I don’t really have the time right now to travel every week to learn.  And I only get pockets of free time in a day so finding a specific slot to attend classes is difficult.  I’ll take it slowly.  I’ll start by using free patterns available online and then slowly progress to learning how to make my own patterns.  See that’s where the creative part comes in, is knowing how to do your own patterns.  If they’re really good and interesting, you can even sell the patterns. Though I’m not thinking that far ahead.  I just want to be able to make pretty and comfortable clothes for the girls.  I really want to stop buying clothes forever.  First for them, and then when I get good enough, I hope to figure out how to make clothes for myself and the husband.

It will take Amazon a while to send my stuff (don’t you just love free international shipping).  But I am really excited.

On other news, I hear a lot of my friends in the same Cornell cohort as me are graduating.  Man, that sure makes me feel sucky.  I’m terribly far behind.  I always tell my friends had I known that I’ll be having triplets, I would have definitely finish the stupid dissertation first.  But how would one ever predict that?

In baby news, the girls are almost 7 months and they are going through that painful growth spurt once again.  I know its a growth spurt because they want to eat all the time.  When I give them solids, they chomp at the spoon like a piranha.  But they are a bit behind (I am using Livia as a comparison) in achieving milestones.  They can’t crawl effectively yet, they can only sit if their hands are supporting them so they can’t sit upright yet, and they look like they really want to stand but obviously can’t.  Livia was already standing, crawling, sitting and could even feed herself biscuit sticks at this point.  It helps to be a big/tall baby and being 95th percentile in Livia’s case.  It means you hit milestones faster because your muscles develop quicker.  Its very, very common for multiples to be behind in everything, and sometime needing early intervention, especially for speech.   They have started blabbering a lot and their favorite word now is ma ma ma ma ma (its not mama, its just random sounds). I’ve been reading and speaking to them one on one more and more these days, which is really encouraged for twins and triplets.  See people tend to treat them as a group, but really they should be treated as individuals.  So I often have to tell my husband not to read to them as a group, but to read to them individually.  Bedtime stories do take a lot of time in our household.  Livia loves it because she gets to listen to four different storybooks, as opposed to just one.

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