2014 to Mar 2016

The Expression(s) I Have Seen Too Many Times

We are so thrilled to be done with the bulk of vaccinations for the triplets.  It is pretty tedious to bring all three for their vaccinations.  Now that the polyclinic has introduced the 6-in-1, it has totally cut short our vaccination visits.  We are now only left with one last vaccination when they turn 1 in September.

After their developmental checks, its become apparent to me that the girls are doing most poorly in terms of height (10th percentile if measured in 6 month age group, 25th percentile in 5 month age group) but doing exceedingly well in terms of head circumference (90th, 75th) and average for weight (50th, 75th) in both age groups.  They should sleep more to encourage those growth spurts. Its really so different from Livia who continue to consistently hit 95th percentile.  I always feel a tad more worried for them because I don’t know to what extent restricted uterine growth while in my womb (especially in Lucia’s case) would affect them physically.

A funny thing happened today.  A grandmother was accompanying her daughter and son-in-law who was carrying their baby.  My mother, husband and I had a triplet each and we went into separate rooms for their vaccinations.  I was first to emerge with Lysbeth in my arms and Livia was by my side and the grandmother noticed me. She gave me the curious look I am quite accustomed to since having Livia which is, why does this tanned lady have such Chinese-looking children?  Is she their maid?  Is she their mother?  Oh she’s their mother, so the husband must be Chinese.

Then my mother emerged from the room with a bawling Liora in her arms and she passes me Liora’s health booklet.  By now the grandmother’s eyes widened with excitement.  Again a look I noticed many times.  She must be thinking oh my twins! Do they look alike?  It seems they do, according to her gestures and constant head turning from Lysbeth to Liora.

After which my husband emerged from the third room with a crying Lucia and he came to my side and started telling me about I forgot what.  By now the grandmother’s expression was beyond bewildered.  I have also seen this expression many times when a person finally realises OH ITS TRIPLETS.  She looked like her eyes were about to pop out from its sockets.  She started shaking her daughter and telling her in Chinese, three leh, look three leh.

Imagine this scenario repeated two, three, five times every time we head out. Except sometimes some bolder folk will actually approach us to have a discussion. I don’t mind talking to strangers except I am an extremely impatient person and I would prefer to get on with my business.  If I was sitting down casually or waiting for a taxi, I wouldn’t mind having a small chat.  But I am not a big fan of being approached while I am dining, or on my way to something.

Nevertheless, this is the life of a parent of triplets.

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