2014 to Mar 2016

Out and About with Triplets and a Toddler

We went out for an entire DAY today, triplets and Livia.  What a milestone for us, but what a burden it was on our backs.  The total weight of our girls combined is 35kg, and my husband carried two-thirds of that weight for most of the day.  But I must say the triplets were amazingly calm, and fussed very little despite being worn on our body for most of the day, which further testifies to me the amazing qualities of babywearing, if done rightly.  These are our 2nd batch of children (yeah I don’t like to say they are my 2nd, 3rd and 4th kids because they are rightly 2nd place) and just like their older sister, they are easiest to bring out when we babywear them.

We were originally supposed to head to Gardens by the Bay to play at the Far East Organization’s Children’s Playground, which is totally free of charge and I heard pretty awesome. It was a good thing I asked a security guard for directions when we alighted from our ride (my husband’s cousin offered us a lift) because he said it was closed.  I was so mad. Couldn’t Gardens by the Bay make it more clearer that its Children’s Playground was closed on all Mondays! I definitely missed that on their website, and my friend who was meeting me there also missed that announcement. Our ride kindly offered to bring us to Suntec, which was our rainy day backup plan. There was an indoor playground there and it’s not free but we already came all this way so what the hell.

We definitely carried too much because I was over-prepared and also in the end we did not need so much of our waterplay gear since the waterpark at Gardens by the Bay was closed.  At least now I know how to pack our bags more economically when we bring the girls out again.  We are thinking of going to the zoo during my husband’s next long off-day weekend.  I should take a photo of what’s in our bags for parents who are interested to know how to pack for multiples.  We carry an ordinary backpack, though sometimes I find it easier to carry my medium-sized tote because it has pouches and with pouches you do not need to rummage through the bag to identify the thing you need when you need it desperately.

Today’s outing has also confirmed to me that despite all the practice, I am still not great at wrapping woven wraps.  I am not sure if its because the triplets got heavier.  Or my woven wrap was not suitable for older infants.  Or I am just not that good at wrapping.  But Lysbeth who was in the woven wrap kept sinking lower and lower as the day progressed.  It was also a bit annoying to adjust her because it meant unwrapping and wrapping again, and it makes quite a scene when you are trying to wrap a baby in public.  Its like people stop to look at your performance, something I should get used to anyway because people look at us with our triplets in tow.  My husband had both Boba carriers on his front and back and we did not have a 3rd Boba carrier for me, and I kept wishing I had the Boba.  We have used the Boba for the 3rd year running now.  Just a few days ago I went out with Livia and it was just the two of us and I packed a Boba just in case.  And right when we were walking to the train station, she declared she was tired and wanted to be carried and I put on the Boba and swung her to my back to do a back carry and it was so EASY.  I got her on, in a backcarry position in a matter of seconds, and discreetly.  And all I had to do was loosen and tighten the appropriate straps, no pulling and tugging blindly like on the woven wrap.  The woven wrap was also very uncomfortable after two hours, I just needed to get Lysbeth off to give my body some relief.  I put her in the stroller which was actually for Livia, if she was tired and we obviously could not carry her.  With the Boba, I could have carried her non-stop without rest.

So I decided to get my 3rd soft-structured carrier (SSC).  I am uncertain whether to get another Boba or to get a Tula, which is the new SSC rave in town.   I am also probably selling my woven wraps (or using them at home) because if I was to be given a choice, I would instantly pick out my SSC over my woven wrap for a longer-day kind of outing.

Toward the end of the day, which was at the 7th hour outside by now, Livia started unraveling. We knew she was due for a nap but she was so hyped up on adrenaline.  She went absolutely batshit bananas at Polliwogs.  The moment we got there she abandoned us quickly, made some older female kid friends, who pulled her into the playground maze and never to be seen again except from time to time when we spot her (to check up on her).  She was ready to go home when we said its time to go home but she was not ready to leave the shopping mall.  When we were headed toward the taxi stand, she did her version of non-violent protest, which was to sleep on the floor, indicating I am not ready to leave and I am too tired to walk anyway.  My husband did an incredible thing which was to scoop her up with his left hand and carried her on his side, with two babies already on his back and front.  That was the only way we made it into a taxi, and back home, where everyone proceeded to collapse one by one.

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