2014 to Mar 2016

A Valentine’s Galentine’s

My husband and I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I have never gotten a flower nor a box of chocolates.  Come to think of it, we really do not make a big deal out of anything except Chinese New Year.  We do commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day but its usually just a nice dinner at home; typically a slightly upscale seafood dinner which includes crabs and big prawns. We used to eat out a lot at restaurants when we dated but after having children, its a lot more comfortable and enjoyable eating at home.  The kids can make a mess, throw food around, slobber, scream, use their fingers to touch the food and no one makes a big deal out of it.

This Valentine’s Day, we decided to make a slightly big deal out of it.  And got Livia her first rose. Having never bought a rose before, my husband was a bit taken aback to discover they were almost $10 a stalk on Valentine’s Day.  He bought it on his way home from work and Livia greeted him at the door as she usually does, and he got one knee and wished her Happy Valentine’s Day with the rose. It was really sweet.  Livia was a bit surprised because she obviously does not know what Valentine’s Day is but she totally loves the flower.  She told us this is a flower, hua.  Hua is Chinese for flower. She sniffed her flower for a bit and then put it on her drawing table.  Next year, her dad will bring her out on a daddy-daughter play date.  I think its nice for daddies to have one on one time with their daughters on special days like these.

I, on the other hand, like to wish everyone Happy Galentine’s Day on 14 Feb.  Its a twist on Valentine’s Day created by Leslie Knope from the TV series Parks and Recreation.  Its a day to celebrate love among your gal pals who are single, so I wished all my close friends Happy Galentine’s Day and even invited them over for dinner but obviously they had plans with their own loved ones.  I guess when the girls are a bit older we’ll have our own Galentine’s too.  I am not single and I should celebrate Valentine’s with my husband but he is already so romantic everyday, I don’t think I can take an overly effusive romantic version of him and he knows that.


Livia’s First Rose

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