2014 to Mar 2016


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Peek into my Evernote

I really like being able to organise all the different projects and things I do in a single place.  I’ve been looking high and low for an app that can do this and everyone pointed me to Evernote.  I gave Evernote a try last year and gave up.  It did not seem that great, it was a tad slow and it feels messy. After failing to look for a suitable app that can accommodate all the things I have to juggle,  and hearing people rave about Evernote endlessly, I decided to give it another try but this time I read articles about how to fully milk Evernote to my advantage.

Turns out I’ve been using Evernote wrongly.  This thing is a beast when it comes to organising, planning and being able to search for things that you saved in it.  Also they keep making improvements to it, and it ran a lot faster now than before and have new additional features if you use it across different platforms like your mobile or iPad.  I ended up upgrading to Evernote premium so that I can use it offline as well.  If you are also looking for a place to organize the gabillion things in your head, I would recommend Evernote too and I also would suggest reading this and this, to fully understand how to make Evernote fit your life. Its free if you use it lightly but if you are a heavy user, I recommend the premium version for $54/year.

These days I record my husband on the Evernote for Chinese pronunciations. I am home a lot more than him and we’ve been figuring out ways for the kids to be exposed to Chinese more and if its not via him, it should be via me.  So I’ve been increasing my basic Chinese vocab. I actually understand Chinese but only really simple, everyday kind of Chinese.   I write down ten characters to learn each day and I try to use them in my conversations with the girls.  Evernote is cool in that you can attach things in each file, so I recorded my husband saying each character to get the intonation correct. I am really bad with the tones.  Google translate also offers voice translation but it sounds robotic and I can’t hear the tones very well.  This is just one of a million ways to use Evernote.  This thing is truly a beast.

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