2014 to Mar 2016

Triplets On the Move

The triplets are gaining increasing mobility week by week.  The problems have begun.  For now its about sleep.  When Livia started experimenting with crawling, we started experimenting with co-sleeping arrangements.  First she was in a crib by our bed.  Because she started moving and flipping, her limbs often got trapped or stuck in the rails and she would cry.  I got no sleep.  So we shifted her to our bed.  Then she started crawling properly and started falling from the bed.  So we moved her to the mattress on the floor.  Not good enough, she wanted to sleep with us.  So we removed the bed frame and slept with her on the floor.  And things stayed like that.

With the triplets, we cut the process short and went straight to the floor.  Their mattress next to ours. But there’s a new problem.  They are bumping into one another.  I spaced them out far apart but somehow they would find their way to each other and bump into one another again.  And with Livia, I only had one baby to put to bed.  So each time she crawled away, I would bring her back to bed. With three babies, its a mess!  They are all moving at the same time.  I am not sure what to do sometimes.  I try to focus one baby at a time.  And when I turn around to focus on the next, the baby whose already asleep wakes up and tries to move away again and goes around bumping her sisters.

So putting them to bed is taking about 1-2 hours these days.  Its exhausting!

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