2014 to Mar 2016

A Nice Comfortable Place

I have not been updating very much.  I have been lost in the humdrum of routine.  It’s a bit like Groundhog’s Day.  All four girls have such a predictability to their day.  We have brought them out one more time for ice-cream (well we ate the ice-cream while they looked) but generally we still find going out with all four extremely tedious.  I keep looking forward to the triplets reaching toddlerhood, and daydreaming of  long and sunny days outdoors, and exploring so many things, but I am sure when that day comes I am going to be also really sad that babies will no longer fill my life.  I just expected three more years of babyhood after Livia (if we had spaced all four kids apart), and its been reduced to just one and its one that’s going at super speed.  The phantom fifth child recurs many times when I think of this but the thought quickly extinguishes when I think about how there’s already so much to do and focus on with the four I already have.

The triplets are 5 months soon and they are ever so slightly behind.  Livia was already crawling and rolling very actively at this juncture and they are still inching.  They have figured out how to use their legs to push themselves forward but not their hands so they are kind of pushing themselves forward but not moving.  They are also only flipping from tummy to back but not the other way around.  But they are already communicating with babbling and cooing and I feel that they are a lot more smiley than Livia was.  They are however not as social as Livia and they seem to be frightened of strangers. Livia was really friendly to strangers but the triplets would cry if they lose sight of me or my husband or if someone else was there instead of us.  Its not a bad or good thing, its pretty normal for some children to behave in this way.  We also feel that they do have very different personalities, but its a bit hard for me to describe them yet because its still unclear what those personalities exactly are. Right now they seem obsessed with their hands and fingers. They are getting really good at using their fingers to grip their pacifiers and putting it into their mouths; and also very valiant attempts at holding their own bottles but their grips are too weak to truly hold up their bottles on their own.

Otherwise there really isn’t much excitement happening.  Its a kind of nice comfort we are in now.  I think the pace will quicken again when they have truly mastered moving.

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