2014 to Mar 2016

We Went Out!!

Yesterday I had one of the most awesome naps I’ve had in a long time.  When I woke up, cooked everyone their dinner and fed the babies, I told my husband wouldn’t it be great to bring everyone out for ice-cream.  He’s like let’s go.  I was like ?!  It never occurred to me that we were ready to bring the girls out for a trip to a mall by ourselves.  And I kept going over the logistics in my head and I just didn’t know how it could be possible and I was like okay the only way we can see if we can do this is if we just did it.  We knew it will be a short, experimental trip.  We didn’t have high hopes of anything beyond two hours so we packed accordingly.  My husband carried Lysbeth, I carried Lucia and Liora sat in the Bugaboo stroller and Livia walked/ran/jumped/skipped.  We took a taxi obviously and the taxi uncle was really nice to get out of his car to help us load our stroller.  In the car, I had Lucia in my carrier and Liora who was in the stroller sat on my lap. Of course I would prefer if the babies are strapped into car seats but they don’t have that for taxis.

Just as we were leaving our carpark I told the driver that I changed my mind and wanted to go to Changi Airport T3 instead.  I figured its Thursday night so there’s not much people at the airport, the eating establishments would be fairly empty and the airport is exceedingly baby-friendly.  If I needed help, I could easily find people to help.  We reached the airport and took a stroll around and very quickly received a lot of stares.  Then we decided to have kaya toast at Yakun.  After 20 minutes of sitting there and enjoying our meal, the wait staff finally approached us to ask if the girls were triplets.  This happened a few more times at various spots at the airport.  I realised that most people would not assume triplets.  To an outsider, it might look like two separate families hanging out or simply twins.  It was very uneventful which was what I had hoped for.  Livia got to play at the indoor playground and the girls were in between napping and curious about the big outside world they hardly get to see.  Almost two hours in, Lucia started crying and that was our cue to head home.  It was much easier taking a taxi at the airport because the airport staff at the taxi queue helped us all get seated in the taxi.  They were so overexcited to meet triplets.

We felt really proud ourselves for this minor achievement. We really needed this trial because Chinese New Year is fast approaching and we wondered how we were going to manage the girls when we had to do house-visiting.  This short trip outdoors gives us an opportunity to plan our house-visiting itinerary.  It was only when we reached home that I realised we didn’t get the ice-cream that I had intended originally.


A stranger approached us to ask if the girls were triplets and I said yes, and then I asked her to take our photo because it was the first time we headed out together. My husband was holding Livia’s head like that because she wasn’t looking at the camera.

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