2014 to Mar 2016

Digital Detox

Dear readers,

I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from social media, e-mail, and blogging.  My husband and I did this last year in January and we found it was nice to take a break from our online lives, although we found it extremely difficult.  We were actually focusing on enlarging our family at that point and my husband was in between jobs and we felt a bit overwhelmed.  Don’t worry I am not TTC-ing again!  I am hoping to use this blogging platform to write more interesting and coherent articles on raising multiples and parenting in general, of course written from my point of view and lived experienced. And that will be something I hope to work on during the break, among other things like starting an exercise regime to tackle that postpartum belly, bringing the girls out more often, catching up on reading all the interesting articles I’ve bookmarked (mostly related to education, triplet psychology and play), and restarting my dissertation.  I have my colposcopy at NUH coming up next week, which I hope will clarify if there’s anything wrong with me.  Ever since the abnormal pap smear, that dark cloud has been hanging over my head and I really want to shake it off.

Look for me again in February, and I hope you had a roaring start to 2015.  I spent the first day of it out with friends, without any children attached.  It was awesome.


The Crafty Academic

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